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Mrs. Johnnie Evans, School Counselor

Wells Elementary School

Send A Message: Stay Drug Free 

Red Ribbon Week 2019-2020


Red Ribbon Moment:   Teachers please discuss with students the importance of not using drugs  and alcohol. Pick a topic daily on the impact of drugs and alcohol such as,  health, family, careers, safety(driving), friends etc. Please assign a discussion leader each day. Be clever!   Incorporate this information in your lesson plans.

Mon  10/28  –   Wear your  Wells School Shirt  or favorite sports team. Let’s Team Up Against DRUGS  Drugs  Students will receive red ribbons.  Remind students to wear ribbons daily for the week.  The prize patrol will be out and about. (No ribbon, no prize)

Tues.   10/29  Wear Red Day.    (3-5) Make a classroom poster where everyone has listed something “better to do than using Drugs & Alcohol”.  Please post outside your classroom door to be entered in a drawing.   

Wed. 10/30  , Wear Orange Day. Celebrate Unity Day! Our theme: Together against bullying. United for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.   Post Bully Awareness tips  in the hallBe a Buddy not a bully day. Students will  write notes on how to be a buddy not a bully.  Please post outside your door. Write a nice note to someone.  Allow students to rewind, apologize & move forward friendly. Show Spookly the square pumpkin (k-2) see others for 3-5 at  for Social studies lessons. Remember 64% of bullying is not reported by the victim. Give students a way to safely communicate  harm or fear. Let’s be proactive. Bullying scars can last a lifetime

Thurs. 10/31  Hats off to DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE  KIDS (students wear their favorite hat or cap)  Remind students to wear ribbons daily as the prize patrol will be out and about, and drawings daily. (no ribbon, no prize)

Fri. 11/01    Bears(and other stuffed animals) in red ribbons. Please bring in your favorite stuffed animal in a red ribbon. This lets everyone know, that drus and alcohol make life hard to “bear”for everyone. Do hugs not drugs. Fifth Grade Drug and Alcohol Prevention Assembly   2:10 Wilson PD. (The Boy who Swallowed the Drug Monster/ Drugs Alchol & Peer pressure dvd)

Remind  and explain to students: No use of illegal drugs,  No illegal use of legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco/vaping, OTC drugs)